Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter 50 Gallon

Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter 50 Gallon

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Turtle Clean External Canister Filter - 50 gal

Providing adequate filtration is an integral part of aquatic turtle care, as these fascinating creatures can be quite messy. To help you maintain optimal water quality for your shell-dwelling pals, Zoo Med has developed the Turtle Clean 50 External Canister Filter.

Designed for use in aquatic turtle habitats up to 50 gallons in size, this powerful and energy-efficient filter employs 3 highly effective stages to keep you water clean and your turtles happy. It features an adjustable flow rate that maxes out at 200 gph, and includes an optional spray bar to increase oxygenation and efficiency.

Stage 1 - Biological - ceramic rings provide an ideal surface for the colonization of beneficial bacteria. They help improve water quality by converting harmful waste (e.g. ammonia) into relatively harmless nitrates. An internal recirculation design boosts biological filtration efficiency.

Stage 2 - Chemical - 2 pouches filled with premium activated carbon remove potentially harmful contaminants and impurities including discoloration, heavy metals, odors, and organic waste.

Stage 3 - Mechanical - fine and coarse mechanical filter sponges effectively trap and remove debris and particulates from the water (e.g. uneaten food, waste). They also provide supplementary biological filtration.

The Zoo Med Turtle Clean 50 is designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. It comes will all the required parts and media, and boasts an easy priming feature to simplify initial and post-cleaning start-ups. It also features anti-vibration bushings to ensure near-silent operation.

Performing routine cleanings and media changes couldn't be easier thanks to the Turtle Clean's easy-open filter head. Simply disengage the dual locking clamps to gain instant access to the media and impeller for maintenance and/or replacement. A convenient hose-connecting device enables you to detach the filter for maintenance without spills, and an integrated carrying handle makes it easy to transport.

The Turtle Clean 50 features a compact, space-saving design that fits easily into tight spaces. It is manufactured in Italy using the highest quality materials, and is cULus listed for safety and peace of mind. 11.4" x 7" x 13"