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Focus - 5 g

The 5 gram container of Seachem Focus is a powerful and effective antibacterial polymer that has been formulated to provide relief from a wide range of internal infections commonly found in freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish. These fungal and bacterial infections include devastating illnesses such as popeye, ich, hole in the head disease, head and lateral line disease, hemorrhagic septicemia, dropsy and mouth rot. The solution is intended to be mixed with food or other medications to enhance the palatability of the medication as well as to significantly reduce the loss of medication in the water through diffusion. Proper research is essential to ensure accurate and effective treatment for your fish.


Stir together the medicated food mix before feeding. Feed the fish once daily with as much food as they can consume in approximately 1 minute. Treatment periods will vary for each ailment but it is recommended to treat for at least a week. This medicated food can be refrigerated or frozen between feedings.

Dosing in Food

  • 1 scoop of the medication of your choice
  • 1 scoop of Focus
  • 1 tbsp of food (preferably pellets or frozen food)
  • A few drops of water if you are using a dry food